Beulah ND

Beulah, ND is a vibrant town with a rich history and plenty of activities to offer both residents and visitors. The Mercer County Historical Museum and Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site would be great places to learn about the area's past and culture. The Pfennig Wildlife Museum also sounds like a fascinating attraction for animal lovers.

It's impressive to hear that Beulah has several local mines and power plants. The manufacturing capabilities of these industries must be significant for them to be mentioned as a point of interest in the town. Seeing how Beulah's enterprising economic activity has helped the town thrive is exciting.

Overall, it seems like Beulah is a town with a lot of character and a strong community spirit. Visitors and residents alike appreciate the unique blend of history, nature, and industry the town offers.


Discover the community

Beulah, North Dakota, is the legendary locale where the perfect combination of quality living and innovative economic development exists! The more time you spend in this small town near the Missouri River, the more you will learn what the residents know: It's a wonderful place to live. This progressive region in the heart of coal country is gaining recognition for its forward focus. Local businesses and economic development have combined regional resources and know-how into future industries. As a result, careers exist for individuals to earn a living beyond most other regions.

As a progressive town built on enterprising economic activity and set amidst beautiful prairies and waterways, there is always something to do in Beulah! Visitors and residents enjoy the Mercer County Historical Museum and Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, are fascinated with the collection of animals at the Pfennig Wildlife Museum and marvel at the amazing manufacturing capabilities of several local mines and power plants.

The short drive up to Lake Sakakawea and Beulah Bay presents the perfect opportunity for a fun day on the water, whether that calls for fishing, skiing, swimming or hanging on the beach sound best! Staying in town offers a fun day at Beulah Waterpark or invigorating recreation at the Energy Wellness Center, followed up with an exhilarating stroll along the shops downtown and a  satisfying meal at the many restaurants offering a variety of tasty treats or gourmet meals.